Things to Keep Mind While Considering Wheel Replacement

wheel replacement

Smooth driving can become difficult if you have a faulty wheel and it is essential get it repaired professionally , and immediately. You need to know about wheel replacement procedures so that when you require it, you can have an idea of the entire process and know what best suits your car.Some of the things that you should consider are listed below-

Wheel aspect ratio

This refers to the size of the alloy wheel with the size of the tyre. If the size of a wheel is “300/70/20” then it means the following- Width- 300mm, aspect ratio- 70% and 20 is the size of the wheel. When you are planning to get the wheels replaced then you should replace the existing tyres with new ones of the same aspect ratio.

Wheel offset

The plane of the hub mounting surface and the centre line of the wheel need to have an equal distance so that the wheel performs smoothly. This is known as the offset and if this is not rightly set then the steering won’t respond smoothly and will be a hindrance to the overall driving experience.

Tire width

This is the distance of the tire’s inner sidewalls to its outer sidewalls. Wider tires can give a racing car look but it is essential to remember that if you are replacing a thin tire with a wide tire then this could just bring a host of problems to your car.

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